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Multi Modality Holistic Based Wellness Through Shamanism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Sound, Reiki, Meditation, Pranayama, Herbals, Aromatherapy, Diet, Nutrition, Healthy Habits, Motivational Support, Spiritual Guidance And Coaching.

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Life, Health, Relationships, Career...

Working with a coach can help inspire and motivate you towards reaching your goals, positive lifestyle changes, and achievable outcomes. Through your own bio-individuality, and multi-dimensional aspects of being, I work with you to design a plan for sustainable shifts that create lasting change; while also providing knowledge, experience, and insights geared to helping you reach your fullest potential. Some areas where coaching can be helpful are... ​

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Mindset 

  • Exercising 

  • Career

  • Health Concerns (Including Navigating Health Care)

  • Relationships and Connections

​Coaching is not limited to these areas and you may have personal goals and interests in addition to these mentioned. Allow me to hold space for you to discuss your individual needs. Reach out to schedule your free consultation.  Use "Coaching" in the subject line. 

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Connect with your Higher Self Through A Connection to Spirit

Spirituality is unique to each individual. Practicing nourishment towards connection to a higher power and the spiritual aspect of your being allows you to establish a deeper sense of purpose, which then allows you to live your life with deeper significance  while nourishing deeper connections in your relationships, career, health, and quality of life. There are many ways to cultivate your spiritual awareness. I provide training, guidance, and awareness practices which help you to nourish your spiritual awareness through; Meditation, Yoga, or Shamanism

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One to One Yoga training provides you with a individually focused understanding of your unique and personal needs. You will gain a simple yet complex understanding of the importance of regular and consistent yoga practice to promote self regulatory effects on the body which balance, strengthen, tone, and increase vitality in the body. Journey through the practice of self awareness and receive helpful tips, cues, and valuable information which will deepen your yogic practice. Learn to direct energy within the body for a purpose or goal, and gain a deeper understanding on how the asanas balance, tone, and strengthen the different systems in the body to promote optimal functioning of these systems. 



better food absorption, less tension and restriction in muscles, balance, flush toxins, floss the nerves, better sleep, better focus, balance in emotions, content mental state, lymphatic system maintenance, better blood circulation, lower blood pressure, increased breathing capacity, correct body alignment issues. 


Alpha Raw Organic body care products are formulated through the nature of the heart, body, mind, and spirit connection. All ingredients used are health conscious, plant based, and carefully sourced to obtain the highest purest quality with certified organic standards. Each formulation combines oils that are so safe, you can even eat them.  Though you may rather enjoy their heavenly scents and body nourishing benefits.


More than just a product, Alpha Raw Organics Body Care Products; empower, educate, and lead individuals to gain control of their body and lifestyle choices which directly impacts humanity as a whole. Products include body and skin care products, oil elixirs, lip balms, body butters, exfoliating butters, essential oils, all organic and sustainable, herbs and crystals, etc. 



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