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Alpha Raw Organics was formed in 2020. As the creator and co-founder had reached a pinnacle of excitement and spontaneous love and joy for the healing potential of nature and herbs, as well as practices that allowed her to regain control of her body and life energies and allow her to to gain human potential from a perspective she never previously was able to, due to severe mental illness and a wide array of developmental disabilities, Her initiation inspired her to share the knowledge of herbs and all natural ingredients from earth and nature in the form of body care products. Each product embodies pivotal moments of clarity and overcoming mental and emotional challenges, and providing not only nourishing benefits to the body, but spiritual insight and inspiration as well. 


Alpha Raw Organics is a holistic health and wellness epicenter with the purpose and mission of delivering products and services to humanity that empower, uplift, educate, and encourage individuals to explore their authentic selves. 

Light Renowned is the embodiment of ethereal, esoteric, and other dimensional resonances from the spirit realm within a physical vessel assigned to share love, light, and wisdom. 

Light Renowned is a holistic healer who practices Shamanism, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Sound to promote inner healing and balance. 

Light Renowned is also the co-creator of Alpha Raw Organics' herbal elixirs and health and wellness products. 

Alpha Raw Organics aims to connect individuals with their raw authentic selves through products and services that promote health and well being.


These products and services not only promote health and wellness to the individual; they empower, educate, and lead individuals to gain control of their body and lifestyle choices which directly impacts humanity as a whole. 

20% or all proceeds are applied to opening a youth ashram to provide yoga, music, and art programs to at risk youth. 

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